Central Paris Map with Scattered Placemarks

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The sample map below shows a central Paris map with scattered placemarks. The placemark icons are not standard icons provided by Google Maps. We can help changing these placemark icons to different colors, or help designing a new set of icons for your usage. The sample has an admin panel (not shown) to manage these placemark icons.

The dialog box of the placemarks can be further customized by including text and images. These content can be manually inputted in an admin panel, or retrieved from CSV files uploaded to the map system.

Connecting the map to a database is also possible. A database with these location information can be created, and we can program the map to fetch the coordinates and content from it. This is useful for visualizing branches or member information for shops, banks, schools and any member-driven organizations. The map can function as a tool to show properties and nearby facilities by realtors and other agencies.

Map Features

  • Standard map showing Central Paris
  • Colored placemark icons which can be customized by an admin panel
  • Plotting of placemarks according to longitude and latitude values (GPS coordinates)
  • Data driven with location and information box content drawn from an uploaded CSV file
  • Dialog box supporting text, links and images
  • Possible to made as database-driven
  • Suitable for visualizing locations of members, facilities and branches

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