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Finland Map - Basic Theme

  • Add / Remove icons (e.g. ) on the map with mouseover tooltips and pop-up infobox.
  • All map regions, countries and areas' color, background, links can be edited using iMapBuilder Online, no coding required
  • Easily add lines, clickable points, icons, rollover effects, tooltips, pop-up dialog box, logo and legend
  • Area Grouping: Group multiple areas together into one custom region, so that they change color at the same time on mouseover. (details)
  • Category Filtering: use the category legend to switch on / switch off objects displaying on the map. (details)
  • Enable click-to-zoom feature, zoom into target region and center the view when user clicks. (details)
  • Import your own map images (JPG/ PNG/ GIF) and convert into editable interactive maps
  • Use mouse wheel or zoom slider to change the map view. Can define map's default zoom level in map editor when publish the map. (details)
  • Registered version of map software removes all watermark and demo button from map templates
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