Change Log

Date Product Details
2018-04-30 GMap V2 GMap V2 bug fix for Google Map API Idle event issue which caused markers to blink.
2017-01-15 GMap V1 GMap V1 is now available to all users with heat map available.
2017-01-12 GMap V1 Updates to support HTTPs in user login system and Google Map API
2017-01-12 GMap V2 Update editor to support HTTPs connection to user login system
2017-01-12 Flash Map Update editor to support HTTPs connection to user login system
2017-01-08 GMap V2 Updated editor to support HTTPs connection to the tile system
2016-12-07 GMap V2 Improvement to the marker list user interface
2016-09-17 GMap V1 Fixed the missing map key error in GMap V1 maps.
2016-09-14 GMap V2 Fixed the missing map key error in GMap V2 maps.
2016-08-24 Flash We had noticed a DNS entry for was missing which affected some of the published Flash map. This is now fixed.
2016-06-22 GMap V2 The default behaviour of Google Map API is to repeatly display the markers when map canvas's available space is larger than the world's width. This is now changed to display the markers once only.
2016-04-06 GMap V1 Added "Export points and polygons as KML" feature
2016-03-24 GMap V1 "Export data" tool is now renamed as "Export markers as TSV"
2016-03-16 GMap V2 Search control is now off by default as it overlaps with the updated Google Map control elements
2016-03-08 GMap V2 Removed the file delete operation in Excel import function which cased a server side error. The files uploaded by user is temporary by default and does not need to be deleted explicitly. Any files that remains in the buckets are those that failed to process.
2016-03-02 GMap V2 Fixed an issue that certain URLs frequently accessed by web crawlers are missing which generated a lot of errors in the server log.
2016-03-02 GMap V1 Server Runtime version Update
2016-03-02 GMap V1 Correction to the URL of powered by links
2016-02-08 GMap V2 Editor interface text updates
2016-01-27 GMap V2 Updated the last step in the import wizard to allow geocoding to run on client side only. The queue and import feature is now hidden as it is not working properly and is schedule to fix.
2016-01-27 GMap V2 Removed the obsolete sensor=false parameter when calling Google Map Javascript API
2016-01-27 GMap V2 Made "copy & paste from spreadsheet" the recommanded method of data import as this is the easiest step for user and requires no intermediate file. Also CSV / TSV / Excel file import have a high chance to fail due to imcompatible file format or file is too large that caused the system to run out of memory.
2016-01-25 GMap V2 Standardize export marker feature to use TSV (tab separated values) format
2015-12-21 GMap V2 Changed category list to sort by ID
2015-10-12 GMap V2 Launched delete all markers feature in Map Settings -> Reset -> Delete All Markers