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Crowdsourced Map in GMap Editor V2

A large amount of data is required for making an informative map. Crowdsourcing is one of the means that collect the data with globe. You can enrich your map by working together on the same map with the public.

Nowadays, you can share your thoughts, your life, your feelings not only via Facebook or Twitter, but via Crowdsourced Map as well. It allows map users to contribute information to your map by using Email, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is a simple way to enhance interactivity of your created maps, and you can even create a new interaction platform with the map viewer and gather all the marvellous ideas in your map.

You can enable the crowdsourcing function in Map Settings.

Shipping Merchandising Crowdsourced Map

Here are steps for adding crowdsourced markers in the published map:

  • Click "Add Marker" icon in the bottom left of the map
  • Click "OK" in the pop up window to continue the process
  • Add pin on the map
  • Enter marker title, description and email address
  • Crowdsourced markers will then be added on the map

In GMap Editor V2 editing panel, administrator can edit crowdsourced markers (e.g. marker title, icon, content) by selecting it in the editor and then edit it in the properties panel.

GMap Video Tutorial - Create Crowdsourced Map

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