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User Guide > Infobox > Insert Images

Insert Image to the Infobox

You can insert image to the infobox in the GMap Editor V2 as shown as below:

  1. Double - click on a Marker
  2. Go to Properties panel, then click on Image icon
  3. Go to Image Properties to edit the image

Image Info

Image Info
Attributes Descriptions
URL Insert image URL
Alternative Text Keyword that people can search for this image
Width Width of the image
Height Height of the image
Border Thickness of the border
HSpace The white space on the left and right sides of the image
VSpace The white space on the top and bottom of the image
Alignment Choose whether the image put on the left or right
*Instant preview will be shown on the right hand side of the panel.

Insert URL to the image

Insert hyperlink to the image by pasting the URL in the column, and then select the target location to open the hyperlink.

Items Descriptions
URL Insert URL to the image
Target After clicking on the images, the new page will open in:

New Window (_blank)

Open the website in a new window
Topmost Window (_top)
Open the website in entire browser window, even if there are frames
Same Window (_self)
Open the website in the current frame / window
Parent Window (_parent)
Open a website in the parent frame

Edit the image in HTML code

Attribute Descriptions
Id Specifies a style for a single, unique element
Language Direction Specifies the text direction
Language Code Specifies the language
Long Description URL Insert a URL to a page that contains a long description of the image
Stylesheet Classes Edit CSS Styles to a TextField object that contains HTML- or XML-formatted text.
Advisory Title Text in the tooltip when the mouseover the image
Style Style HTML elements of the image's info box

Edit the Already Added Image

For modifying the already added images, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the image in the description box
  2. Click the "Image" icon on the toolbar
  3. Start editing the image in the popup panel

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