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  1. What is GMap?

    It is a user-friendly, interactive map making software. You can use it to add clickable markers, pop-up information box, draw routes and import locations on the Google map. And embed it into your online website or blog.

    Please create a free account to try:
  2. What is the minimum browser requirement?

    Here is the list of supported browsers:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ (all previous versions including IE 6 and 7 are NOT supported)
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari

    Other modern browsers (e.g. Opera etc) would also work.
  3. Generated maps are private or accessible by other users over the internet?

    They are private unless you share the published link or embed the map to websites. Users cannot see others works.
  4. Can I view the created maps in mobile devices such as iPhone & Android?

    All maps you created can be viewed on mobile devices including iPhone / Android phones.
  5. I encountered a problem when drawing routes, I got a single click Mac mouse.

    To right-click on Mac, press and hold down the Ctrl key and then click the mouse or touchpad button.
    If you are using magic mouse, it has secondary click. Please check this.
  6. Why your map cannot get the correct location of some markers?

    The exact result from a Google Map search maybe affected by your browsing behavior (such as your search history), to make sure that your addresses can be geocoded, please enter full version of the address with city, state and country names. If the address appears to have post codes, please also include in the address so that Google Maps could look up from a smaller area. 

    Please also note that a plain map search from Google would include their search predictions or error corrections kicked in, and these are not available via their API. Google has also stated that they may use different sets of map data for API and their plain search users.
  7. Do I need any technical knowledge to create map?

    You don't need to have any programming knowledge what so ever. You will be able to create your own Google Map in a matter of few clicks. Simply sign up a free account and start a map and you will have a custom google map. It is as easy as using your word processing software.
  8. What's the main differences between GMap and HTML5 Map Builder?

    The main difference between the 2 applications is the level of map details.
    If you need to add or import locations to a map using street address, please try iMapBuilder Online, which can be used on PC, Mac and iPad.
    The HTML5 Map Builder is template based. You can pinpoint location manually, or by using longitude / latitude.
  9. I get the following error message when I open the map, I can't even start.

    string(4) "5263"
    string(32) "0357b2eef5b549e92f5633e290b50282"
    array(0) { }

    Please use the latest version of Chrome and try again.

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