iMapBuilder Online - Detail Features

iMapBuilder has many innovative features that make it easy to use and a quality solution for business planning or presentation uses. Advanced features include:

Create Interactive Maps Easily

create interactive maps in browserCreate interactive maps right inside your browser without the need to install any software.

ready to use maps of the world, continents, countries & countiesReady-made map templates available for instant usage and customization.

map support all modern browsers and operating systemsCross-platform support. Support all modern browsers and operating systems, including Mac OS X and Linux.

Visualize Business Data and Geographical Locations

apply geographical areas or boundaries to your map New! Apply Geographical Areas / Boundaries to your map to highlight countries, state or county using pre-defined colors.

map markers clustering example New! Clusters map markers data automatically for improved visualization and navigation within a large dataset.

Geographical data can come from Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc. Import geographical data from Microsoft Excel and Open Office/ Libre Office Calc

generate heat map with business or statistical data Create heat maps with your business or statistical data, or manually add colors to develop political maps.

crowdsourced map sample, crowdsourcing mapNew! Create Crowdsourced Map, gather data by letting users input locations on the map & display comments from visitors instantly.

plot location by address, city name, zip code, latitude/longitude or direct pinpointingPlot and search locations by address, city name, ZIP code, GPS longitude/ latitude, or even by direct pinpointing on the map

Feature Rich Customization Tools

present company information on maps with dialog box, tooltips and labels Clearly Present Content with tooltips, infobox, labels and hyperlinks

categorize markers with icons or symbols in maps Categorize pinpoints with a wide range of icons or place your own image

draw routes with map maker Draw routes and lines on map. Support geodesic curves on Google Map Generator

import image and convert to clickable map Import your own GIF/ JPG/ PNG images and convert to easy to use clickable maps

create street-level maps with street view support Create street-level maps and store locator map with Street View support

add map legend, zoom controls and customize map settingsTurn on/ off zooming controls, legend and map type controls

category legend, toggle markers show or hide Create map with category legend, toggle objects e.g. markers, routes to show or hide by group.

draw circles on map Draw circles on maps, with circle radius showing in kilometers


Publish and View Your Maps Anywhere

save and read map project anywhere with internetMap projects are saved online and readily available anywhere with Internet connection.

share maps on web pages, blogs or social networksPublish your map project and easily embed them into web pages and blogs or share in social networks.

view map in smartphone or mobileView the maps anywhere PC, Mac & iPad (for GMaps) or on your smartphone and mobile devices using our free iMap Viewer for Android app.

Import marker data file from Spreadsheets : Use addresses data from Excel spreadsheet or CSV files, visualize your spreadsheet data on the map as pinpoints or overlays with just few simple clicks.

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import marker data from spreadsheet