iMapBuilder Online Cloud-based Interactive Map Creator & Image Mapping Tool

Creates interactive Google Maps directly in web browser, available anytime anywhere, no coding!

Add iMapBuilder to Chrome

GMap Editor v1 User Guide > Visualization > Create Heat Map

Create a geographical heat map online

generate heat map with online map maker
A Heat Map Example created using online map maker

You will need select to draw a geographical area polygon overlay first,
(major locations are available now and more are coming soon.)

Create a polygon overlay for continents / countries / states / counties first

Heat Map Making Tool

Heat Map can be presented using Continuous Color or Discrete Range Color.
You may further adjust settings on "stroke and fill opacity" tab.

Insert data, or import data from Excel, to generate a heat map online

You may import data from Excel file or CSV Text File for bulk data,
we offer sample datafile for reference.

Import data from Excel file or CSV Text file for heat map usage

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