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  1. What is iMap Online - Flash Map Editor?
    iMap Online - Flash map Editor is an user-friendly, interactive map editing application. You can add interactive pinpoints/ markers, pop up information box, bulk input and draw continuous lines etc. on maps. And embed such interactive Flash maps into your online website/ blog.
    Please create a free account to try full functions of our map editor here:
  2. What is the Minimum Browser Requirements for the Online Flash Map Editor?
    Here is the list of supported browsers for iMapBuilder Online (requires latest version of Adobe Flash Player Plugin):

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ (all previous versions including IE 6 and 7 are NOT supported)
    Mozilla Firefox 3+
    Google Chrome 9+
    Apple Safari
    Other modern browsers (e.g. Opera etc.) would also work.
  3. What maps does Flash Map Editor support?
    We have various ready made Flash map templates, for creating word maps, continent maps, countries maps & county maps etc.
    You may preview them at our Map Templates Gallery.
    You can also import your own map image in JPG/ GIF/ PNG format, to create an interactive map easily.
  4. Do maps produced using your website are private or
    are they accessible by other users / are publish generally over the internet?

    If you mean the maps created using our iMapBuilder Online platform,
    the maps are private unless you share the published link or embed the map to websites. Users cannot see other users' maps.
  5. How to create map with using iMap Online ? Do I need any programming knowledge?
    One of the greatest advantages of iMap Online is that you don't need to have any technical knowledge what so ever.
    You will be able to create your own interactive maps in a matter of few clicks.
    No programming or Actionscript knowledge is required. Simply sign up a free account as the starting position of the map, edit it using few mouse clicks, and you will have a map with many interactive elements. It is as easy as using your word processor software programs.
  6. Who should use iMap Online?
    iMap Online is designed for both amateur and professional web designers.
    No programming knowledge is required. All Windows, Mac or Linux users can use our Online Map Editor.
  7. Do I need any other software to use Flash Map Editor?
    If you are able to view the maps on this website, then you already have all the software you need to use Flash Map Editor for creating interactive maps. For your visitors, they can view and use your interactive map as long as their browser has Adobe Flash Player plug-in, which is pre-installed in 98%+ of browsers today.
    If you don't have Flash Player plug-in, for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users, it will prompts you automatically to install Adobe Flash Player. Simply follow the on-screen instructions for installation.
    If you are using other browsers, you can get one from Adobe's website.
  8. How do I know if I have installed Adobe Flash Player?
    You can check with your Flash player versions by following this link:

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