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  1. Does your Flash Map Editor support the ability to drill down into maps?
    You can create separate projects, one for the main view & one for the drill down view of the region you want.
    Then you add hyperlink to that region or setup a region in the main map.
    The hyperlink is set to open the URL of the drill down region map.

    If you want to drill down many levels, you may consider our Custom Google Map,
    which allows you to click and drill down until the street map is reached.
  2. Can I map out locations by address and label them by name?
    Also, can I add all cities to the map and major roadways?

    We have lists of major cities for some of our templates for you to import.

    But If you need to map out addresses and display of roadways, we would suggest using our Custom Google Map.
    It is possible to create custom map based on Google Map to show your locations and points of interest even with a free account..
  3. Can I change map icon / marker size in your interactive maps?
    For icons included with our map editor, it supports to change their size,
    but you cannot change size for those custom image icons.
    Please refer to the following page for creating resizable Flash map icons:
  4. What are the differences between iMapBuilder for Windows & iMap Online?
    iMapBuilder (for Windows) install the software on your local PC & all project files are also stored on your local PC.
    Once the map is published, the map files should be uploaded to your own web server for viewing.

    iMap Online is a 100% web based application. There is no installation required.
    You simply use it in your web browser, all files are stored on our server.
    To publish the map, you simply copy & paste few lines of code and insert to your web page, no file uploading is required.

    iMapBuilder for Windows is suitable for you if you prefer to edit maps locally & have your own web server for hosting the maps.
    iMap Online is easier to use if you have no FTP experience, or have no server to host maps (e.g. if you are using an online site builder).
    You can click here to view more about the differences between two versions.

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