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  1. Not sure which plan to use?
    You can always start with a smaller plan, and upgrade later base on your usage.

    All maps you created can always be opened and edited, even if your account has exceed its account limit.
    We will always contact you first if your account shows consistent over usage.
  2. How can I purchase the iMap Online?
    Please go to our registration page to place an order. After a plan is subscribed,
    account detail (login email and password) will be sent to you instantly. Please login with these information at this login page:

    After login, you will see your email account and which plan you subscribed at the top-right corner.
  3. What happens after a plan expires?
    You can either renew your account, or your account will be reverted back to the FREE mode.

    You can still open and edit all your existing map projects, and display maps on your website.
    Except you will then bound to the same publish limit as free account, and will see iMapBuilder's watermark on your published maps.
  4. I see that there is one month subscription period, if we sign up for that,
    will it give us an option to renew at the end of the month or
    do we have to lock into some sort of contracted time period?

    Yes. If you sign up the one month subscription first, you can renew or upgrade the plan when it is expired.
    At the top-right corner of our Map Editor shows what plan you are using and how many days left til expiring date,
    so you can check if your plan is going to expire.
  5. I tried your iMap Online free version, I want to place 10 markers but it seems limit to 8 markers,
    is that because it's a free version? any other limitation as well?

    Yes. Our iMap Online Free Version limits the place markers to 8 points.
    Also, there are some advertising links such as "powered by iMapBuilder" in the pop up info box.
    If you want to place more than 8 markers, and remove those advertising links, you may purchase it from:
  6. Do I need a host to upload the map which created using iMap Online?
    iMap Online is hosted on our server, you don't need a hosting server for maps.
    You can simply click "PUBLISH" button to get the url/ embed code to link from/ embed into your website.
  7. What is a "Map View"?
    One "Map View" is counted when a visitor access a web page containing the map HTML embed code or access the direct link of a map.
  8. Can you clarify the number of "views" on the maximum map views (20,000) in your price list?
    How is it calculated? Based on "clicks" on the map per month/ year?

    The view is based on the number of times the map is loaded.
    For example, if you place the map on your home page, and you have around 100 visitors to the home page per day,
    then you have 100 map views per day. Which means 100 x 31 = 3,100 map views per month.
    And 20,000 should be sufficient for most websites.

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