Instant Interactive Map Creator

Cloud-based Online Map Maker

  • Create Interactive Google/HTML5/Flash maps in browser.
  • Add markers by pinpoint on screen, or enter an address.
  • Import multiple locations from Excel or CSV files.
  • Tools to add rollover effects, draw routes and waypoints.
  • Easily annotate, color and share your maps.
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Cloud-based Mapping Application

Showcase - Maps Created

create sales territory map

Sales Territory Map

store locator software

Store Locator

Custom Google Maps

create maps online

Create street level maps and insert description dialogs. Plot multiple locations on a map with addresses.

Create Regional Maps

choropleth map maker

Select ready made HTML5 or Flash regional maps. Create colored maps and choropleth maps for presentation purpose.

Interactive Image Maps

create interactive map

Turn various static images or maps into clickable and interactive floorplans with annotations. Share instantly.