Display Driving Routes Between Locations

Measuring of distance between two pinpoints is possible with the use of Google Maps API, and this opens up a new dimension of advanced usage of the interactive maps. In the following case, we can create a map which find the shortest distance from a collection of pinpoints. Driving directions can be returned back from API calls, which resembles direction search in a plain vanilla Google Maps.

display driving routes with pinpoints on a map

How this works

The setup of this map includes an array of pinpoints based on approximate addresses (postcodes are also possible but they would be less accurate than actual addresses). These pinpoints are geocoded and their respective longitude and latitude values stored in a database, thus reducing the need to geocode them again. The search location can be entered by means of an address, a postcode, or by actual adding a pin on the map. A set of algorithms and the calling of Google Maps API determines the shortest distance from the set of pinpoints, and a check would be done to see if there are road connections from the search point to the destination. If there is a route, the driving direction can be shown on the map.

Further Usage
  • Direct distance measurement between two points, and not necessarily to be driving distance.
  • Coverage maps by showing points or interests/ amenities at a certain diameter from a search location or existing pinpoint.
  • Turn-by-turn display of the driving route.
  • Distance between two arbitrary pinpoints.

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