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GMap Editor v1 User Guide > Data > Import Excel

Import data from Excel file to a map

To import markers data from an Excel spreadsheet file.

1) Upload an Excel spreadsheet file.
   - Click "Import an Excel File" tab. Browse to Excel spreadsheet file and upload it.

2) Set Data Import options
   - The uploaded data will be displayed in the table(ref: pic2-A) for checking.
   - The following options can be set before start data importing (ref: pic2-B).

Options Description
Select rows to import: Select the spreadsheet rows for data importing
Icon Style: Set the default icon for this import
Info window content: Enable / Disable info window (popup window)
Show info window on: Set the info window to show on Mouse Click, or Mouse Over.
   - pic2-C*: Select the spreadsheet column(s) with markers' info window (popup window) content.
*Ignore this if [Info window content] is disabled
   - pic2-D: Select the spreadsheet column(s) with markers' address data.
   - pic2-E: Select the spreadsheet column(s) with url link
*Select None if do not need url link

pic 2

3) Start import the Excel file
   - Click "Start importing" Button to import data (ref: pic 3)
   - To stop the importing, Click "Stop Importing" button.

pic 3

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