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Map Editor Interface Introduction

iMapBuilder Online (GMap Editor V1) is an online map maker. You could create your own map quickly with tools below. This topic will introduce functions of the application briefly.

map editing panel

Map Settings

  • save.png Save: Save the map project for future editing.
  • preview.png Preview or print: Preview the created map or print it from browser.
  • publish.png Publish and share: Get an embed code or a sharing link.
  • setting.png Preference: Adjust map settings and basemap styles.
  • crowdsourced.png Crowdsource: Let visitors to add place markers.
  • categorylegend.png Category: Filter objects into categories.
  • heatmap.png Heat map: Present distribution of data with colors.
  • import.png Import: Plot a number of markers.
  • kmlfile.png KML file: Import and visualize geographic annotation.

Map Editing Tools

  • location.png Locator: Navigate to a target place on the map.
  • marker.png Marker: Drop a pin or use an icon to indicate a place.
  • label.png Label: Annotate the map.
  • route.png Route: Draw routes along roads.
  • polyline.png Line: Draw lines or paths on map.
  • legend.png Map legend: Explains colors or units used on the map.
  • regions.png Geographical region overlay: For coloring territories of countries.
  • polygon.png Clickable area: Draw shapes to display an area.

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