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GMap Editor v1 User Guide > Settings > Clustering

Map Settings - Marker list and Clustering

Changing the "Markers List and Clustering" settings will only apply in the preview / published map.

Markers List

Enable Markers list on the map.
Position Setup position of the markers list.

List on Top

List on Bottom

List on Left

List on Right
Show All Markers: Show all markers created by map owner and visitors
My Markers Only: Only show the markers created by map owner.
CrowdSourced Markers only: Only show the markers created by visitors
Height Set height when selecting markers on the top/ bottom position
Width Set width when selecting markers on the left/ right position


Enable Markers Clustering in Map Settings to create data mining maps.

map clustering example
A clustering map example

Grid Size 50 by default
squares of a certain size divided for clustering in the map and then grouping the markers into each grid square.
Max Zoom 12 by default
The max zoom level for the clusterer.

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