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Add iMapBuilder to Chrome

GMap Editor v1 User Guide > Data > Plot Routes

Plot routes on a map

Click "Import" button and Select "Import Polylines" in the dropdown menu

Start Import Polylines Panel

Select table to edit data

Table to show all data

Copy and Paste data from spreadsheet

Paste map data from copying spreadsheet data

Import polylines/ route options

Options Description
Select rows to import: Select the data rows for data importing
Type: Set the polylines/ routes type:
  • Straight Line
  • Curve Line
  • Drive (Route)
  • Walk (Route)
  • Bicycle (Route)
Polylines Style: Set the stoke style of polylines/ routes
Stoke Weight The stroke width can be change to be thinner or thicker.
Stoke Opacity Change the opacity to prevent other word/image from being covered.
Stoke Color Change colors from a color picker with pantone no.
Add Marker on: Enable show Marker in start/ end location. Also change marker icon.
Select Start Location: Select the column(s) with polyline's/route's start location.
Select End Location: Select the column(s) with polyline's/route's end location.

Setup polylines/ routes options

Start import the Excel file
   - Click "Start importing" Button to import data
   - To stop the importing, Click "Stop Importing" button.

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