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Editing Panel in GMap Editor V2

After creating a new map project, an editing panel in the Edit Mode will be displayed along with two toolbars.


Horizontal toolbar

Selecting icons in the horizontal toolbar to create a new map project, open a save map, preview the map, edit the map settings, import/export data to/from the GMap Editor V2, publish & share the map

Horizonal Toolbar
Name / Description
Create a New Map Project
Create a new map
Open Project
Open an existing saved map
Preview Map
Preview the current editing map
Publish and get map Embed Code or Link
Email This Map
Share the Map via Eamil

Map Settings
User Interface, Map View, Publish Settings, Markers List & Clustering, Styled Map

Import Markers from Excel or csv text file
Export existing Markers to Excel or csv text file

Vertical toolbar

Select tools in the vertical toolbar to add overlays, e.g. markers, labels, polylines, rectangles, and create category legends.

Vertical Toolbar
Name / Description
Selection Tool
Select an overlay and start editing
Predefined Center / Zoom Tool
Set viewport of the map
Marker Tool
Add markers by pinpoint the locations on the map
Bulk Marker Tool
Add markers by address, Zip code or Latitude/ Longitude data
Label Tool
Add text labels to the map

Polyline Tool
Draw continuous lines
Rectangle Tool
Create a custom clickable regions in rectangle shape

Geographic Area Polygons Tool
Insert geographic area to the map

Category Legend Tool
Enable category legend on the map

Zoom In

Zoom out

Display Mode

The map is always displayed in the Edit Mode by default. You can switch to different display modes by selecting the modes on the upper left of the map.

Mode Control bar

Google Map Edit Mode
Edit Mode

Google Map Preview Mode
Preview Mode

Google Map Data Mode
Map Data Mode

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