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Add Polylines in GMap Editor V2

You can add polylines to show the routes on the custom google map.

  1. Select the Add Polyline button in the vertical toolbar
  2. Click on the map to start drawing the line. Double - click to end the drawing
  3. Edit the line in the Properties panel

Items Descriptions
Title Title of the line
Stroke Weight Thickness of the line
Stroke Opacity Opacity of the line
Geodesic Shows the shortest path between two points in a curved space
  1. Draw a straight line from point to point
  2. Turn on the Geodesic Mode
  3. The line will become a curve line, which is the shortest route in the earth.
Stroke Color Color of the line
URL Insert URL to the line
* After inserting URL to the line, you have to select mouse over to show the infobox.
URL Target Hyperlink will be opened in either a New Window or the Same Window
Info Window Choose whether show the infobox when the mouse on click or roll over
  • Roll Over: when the mouse rollover the markers, the infobox will be popped up automatically
  • Mouse Click: when the mouse click on the markers, the infobox will be popped up
Delete Delete the line

After adding the polyline, you can modify it by:

  1. Select the polylines
  2. Drag points to modify / edit the polyline
    *You can restore to the previous step by clicking the Undo button
Map-Polyline modifications-undo
Undo button

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