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Heat Map in GMap Editor V2

Heat Map is a geographical presentation of data in numerical values by using colors. Such kind of map is heavily utilized to visualize the location-based data by highlighting trends and distributions across a geographic area.

Heat Map can be used to show:

  • Density of data (members) per ZIP codes / Population density
  • Sales turnover by regions/sales reps area
  • Percentage change in traffic accidents and crime rates
  • Website visitor pattern around the world (using IP address)
  • Relative strength between currencies
  • Mobile network signal strength and quality in cities
  • Pandemic/Disease case info per country for medical and health industry
  • Working capacity for each state
  • Support levels/voting of different political parties in opinion polls and elections

Steps for Enabling Heat Map

  • Select "Map Settings" button in horizontal toolbar
  • Select tap of "Heat Map"
  • Check the checkbox for enabling heat map
    (Heat Map can only be viewed in Preview mode / Published Map)
  • Set Minimum and Maximum heat map value in boxes
  • Select heat map colors for minimum and maximum values respectively in popped up color picker > click "Apply" button
  • Click "OK" to apply the settings
    Heat map setting

Steps for editing heat map value for regions

  • Select "Geographic Area Polygons Tool" in vertical toolbar
  • Select region for adding heat map value
  • Geographic polygons will then be added on the map
  • Click "Geographic Area Polygons Tool" > an editing panel will be popped up
  • Edit Heat Map Value in the panel > Click done to apply it
  • Click "Add More" if more heat map regions are needed.
Geographic polygons Area wizard

GMap Video Tutorial - Create a Heat Map in Custom Google Map

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